Alba Iulia

Alba Iulia


Alba Iulia is a Romanian city located in the centre of Transylvania. It’s the perfect choice for those who love history, culture, architecture and nature. Alba Iulia is a destination to be visited for its various monuments, its multitude of architectural styles, its story and its culture.

Alba Iulia is a city of great importance in the history of Europe. Over many centuries the city was conquered by the great empires of Rome and the Habsburgs. In Romanian history, the city played an essential role in uniting the country through the two unions that took place here.

Another reason to visit this city is its unique architecture. In this city, many architectural styles can be admired, including Gothic, Romanesque and Baroque. If you take walk in the centre of the city, you will see a huge number of attractions, such as museums, cathedrals and the enormous fortress.

There are many places where you can relax by taking a walk in nature after visiting the city’s attractions. Close by are a number of wonderful places to visit, such as the Scarisoara Ice Cave, the Pisoiaia Waterfall and Snails Hill.

You can get a hands-on look at Transylvanian traditions by taking part in some of the many traditional workshops. You can play paintball or football if you want to do a little bit of sport and have a great time with your friends.

You will love Alba Iulia. In Your Pocket does.

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