Baku Basics


Weather & Climate: What's the best time to visit Baku?

The weather in Baku is mostly influenced by the local continental and steppe climate. In general, Azerbaijan has a warm (but not too hot) summer and cold (but not freezing), dry winters. Anyway, Baku is an excellent place to visit all through the year. The statistics point out that the warmest and driest month in Baku is July, while the coldest is January. Rainy days most often occur in November and the period from May to September is traditionally considered to be the most appropriate for outdoor activities.

Crime & Safety: Is Baku safe?

Baku is a friendly and relevantly safe place to visit for tourists. The lively and crowded areas around the city center are very well protected by the police, yet after all, Baku is just another big capital city, and you never have a full guarantee. The most significant danger for the visitors of the city is not crime, but probably traffic and street crossing. So it's safe to pay special attention both when you put the engine on and when go for a walk by foot.

Hospitals & Medical Care in Baku

The healthcare system in Baku is not in the best shape possible, but most of the good clinics and knowledgeable medical staff are located in Baku. It's safe to say that private hospitals have better equipment and relatively higher standards of medical care. In case of emergency, you can visit a hospital with English-speaking staff here. Also, it's a good idea to make sure your vaccinations are up to date before you leave to Baku. Malaria is present in some regions in Azerbaijan, so consult your physician on that matter.

Public Toilets in Baku

Public toilets are rarely found in Baku. Most of them are located near bus, train and gas stations. Even the existent public toilets usually don't have any toilet paper provided, so it's wise to always bring your own. Also, keep in mind that you shouldn't flush the paper into the toilet. Use the little bin, because the toilet drains are not in perfect shape and they easily get blocked.

Staying Connecting: Internet & WiFi in Baku

If you want to have internet access during your stay in Baku, you have two options: to buy a local SIM card with pre-paid data or to settle with the numerous free wi-fi locations, which are available all around the city. Of course, you can always choose to use your own mobile data in roaming, if you're a millionaire.
That decision has to be made according to your personal online behavior. In case your smartphone is your best friend, you better choose a convenient option for a local SIM card, such as Flexiroam Sim Card or SimCorner Travel Sim Card.

Can you drink the tap water in Baku?

Tap water in some areas of Baku is acceptable for drinking, but to be honest, we would recommend you to avoid it. The quality of the water is not constant and not equally good neither in the different districts nor at different times in the same district. Bottled water is always the best option, but if you can't afford constantly buying some, you can use a purifying filter for the tap water or boil it for 10 minutes before drinking.

Speaking Azeri

If you think that British English / American English drama is a big deal, wait to hear more about Caucasian Azerbaijani and Iranian Azerbaijani languages. Those are not exactly dialects, but more like two different Turkic micro-languages, both used in the same territory. Anyway, the language of the state is officially Caucasian Azerbaijani and that version is also spoken in Baku. It's closely related to the modern Turkish languade and it's native to nearly 20 million people.No need to a glossary, just a short bit of info about the language itself.

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