Bath Basics



As far as the weather goes, Bath gets off pretty lightly in a UK context. The southwest does as a whole, with balmy summers and temperate winters, with less extreme temperatures in both as a result of the nearby (relatively) Atlantic Ocean. The city gets less hours of sunshine per year than the rest of the country, but this is definitely a case of quality over quantity.

Crime & Safety

Bath is one of the safest cities in England, although there is a sense that that should go without saying. This is quaint England at its most quaint, all darling tea houses and summer walks in the park, and none of them post-Brexit dystopian madness is particularly visible here. Will that change as England deals with a crumbling United Kingdom? We aren’t here to prognosticate. As of right now, Bath is pretty darn safe.

Hospitals & Pharmacies

The Royal United Hospital is Bath’s major accident and emergency hospital, although fingers crossed this piece of information will remain coincidental during your trip. If you need basic medicines during your time in the city you can pick most things up from a supermarket or a chain of Boots or Superdrug.

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