Brighton Basics


Brighton is a lot of things to a lot of people, a variety of individuals and ideas that spans more ground than most cities can even dream of. To us, it is the quintessential English seaside town, a microcosm of everything England wants to be and claims to be.

First things first, it is downright refined in its beauty. The town grew as the royals looked for a seaside playground, but it is Brighton that will eventually outlast the crown. The sea and its piers provide an aesthetic that is instantly recognisable, although there are more than enough ways to view it in an entirely different light. This is the seaside town you’ve been waiting for.

But its museums and cultural side are worthy of just as much attention. Few cities have the variety of museums and galleries that Brighton does, although we’ve come to expect nothing less from what is known as the inclusive capital of Britain. This is a city that parties long and parties hard, and everyone is invited. You can spend a night in the cells, search for the final resting place of a cat, do a spot of fishing or even discover the world. Where else can you find such variety? Nowhere but Brighton.

‘Nowhere but Brighton’ seems like an accurate way to sum the town up. Simultaneously known as the Queen of Watering Places and the Queen of Slaughtering Places, there’s nowhere quite like the Old Ocean’s Bauble.

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