The Ideal Learning Hub: Exploring the Best Cities for Education

21 Jun 2023
Choosing an institution of higher learning is critical for any learner, especially international students. Besides the reviews your preferred institution attracts, you should consider several factors before enrolling; hence, this article details the best learning hub. What criteria rank them? Read on for more.
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1. Top Institutions

A city hosting many high-ranking institutions means a high student population density. Therefore, you are more likely to bump into fellow students and create a community of learners. It also means that the environment is suitable for studying.
Outlined below are the top 5 learning hubs that meet these criteria in alphabetical order:

- Paris, France
- London, United Kingdom
- Moscow, Russia
- Seoul, South Korea
- Tokyo, Japan

2. Score

A high score translates to reliable education quality. These learning hubs meet these ranking criteria:
- Cambridge, United Kingdom
- Canberra, Australia
- Vancouver, Canada
- Delft, Netherlands
- Madison, United States
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3. International Students

If a significant fraction of the population studies there, it only means that a common factor dictates the decision, the education quality offered. For instance, non-resident students prefer these learning hubs:

- Sydney, Australia
- Vancouver, Canada
- Brisbane, Australia
- Toronto, Canada
- Coventry, United Kingdom

4. Freedom

Activism movements often appeal to most university students. Therefore, it is only fair to consider freedom rights when researching the most suitable location depending on the location's views and stands on freedom and political matters. This way, you can evaluate how easy it is to access essay writing services.

Meanwhile, these are the top 11 cities where students are afforded freedom:
- Gothenburg, Sweden
- Uppsala, Sweden
- Lund, Sweden
- Stockholm, Sweden
- Tampere, Finland
- Helsinki, Finland
- Turku, Finland
- Espoo, Finland
- Trondheim, Norway
- Bergen, Norway
- Oslo, Norway
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5. Cost of Living

The cost of living is a significant determining factor that dictates where you should consider enrolling. As a student, you should remember to live within your means since you might not always have the leeway to work and generate an income to pay for essay writing services.

Affordable learning hubs include:
- Multan in Pakistan
- Faisalabad in Pakistan
- Bucaramanga in Colombia
- Islamabad in Pakistan
- Karachi in Pakistan

Similarly, expensive learning hubs include:
Basel, Switzerland
Lausanne, Switzerland
Bern, Switzerland
Santa Barbara, United States
Geneva, Switzerland
Honolulu, United States

6. Safety

Your safety is essential when researching the ideal location for studying as an international student. These are the top 5 safest cities in the world that shield citizens and occupants from crime:
- Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
- Doha, Qatar
- Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
- Dubai,  United Arab Emirates
- Bern, Switzerland

7. Friendliness

Moving to a new city only means being exposed to a new culture and environment. However much you choose to have an open mind about what to expect, it is essential to be safe about how the residents interact with strangers. Even though there is no specific measurement for friendliness. Depending on data from travelers, social learning hubs include:
- Glasgow
- Dublin
- Montreal
- Liverpool
- Tokyo
- Vancouver
- Copenhagen
- Dubai
- Manchester
- Melbourne
- Budapest
- Cape Town
- Wellington
- Atlanta

8. Conclusion

From all of those mentioned above, the best study hubs in the world can be ranked accordingly:
1. Montreal
2. Tokyo
3. Vancouver
4. Glasgow
5. Melbourne
6. Munich
7. Sydney
8. Manchester
9. Liverpool
10. Copenhagen

As highlighted above, countries such as Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, and Germany are the most-preferred learning hubs. They have different factors which influence their ranking and features in the list.

For instance, Montreal tops the list because of the many options available. Top universities are found in Tokyo, which also has a friendly culture. Vancouver's high university score and a high population density of international students warrant its position on the list. Glasgow has a friendly culture; hence, non-residents are assured of their comfort.

As highlighted above, consider factors other than the program you wish to pursue before settling on an institution of higher learning. This helps you be open-minded about what to expect at your destination and how to acclimate to situations. It also prepares you for the bold step of relocating to another country. Meanwhile, these details should serve as a guide during the process of scouting for a suitable destination.


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