Things to Do in Carmona, Spain

Just 30km or so to the northeast of Seville lies Carmona, a city that encapsulates everything that makes Andalusia so special. This is an old fortress city that keeps its secrets as well as it embellishes it strengths, one of the oldest urban centres in Europe and one with a unbeatable location looking out over the plain of Andalusia. It’ll take you about half an hour to get here, so get here.

From Seville to Carmona

Getting to Carmona is easy peasy lemon squeezy, if you’re happy for us to use childish phrases. There are a number of buses throughout the day, most of which leave from Plaza de Armas and take between 20 and 45 minutes. Those travelling with their own (or rental) wheels are in even better shape, with Carmona sat just 34km away from Seville via the A-4. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again ― renting a car is the best way to explore the riches of Andalusia.

Things to Do in Carmona

There are definitely plenty of things to do in Carmona - to say the least! The Alcázar del Rey Don Pedro is the city’s most famous sight, a Moorish fortress built in the 13th century that has seen its fair share of history in the centuries since. The old centre is a major attraction in its own right, accessed through the imposing Córdoba Gate that hints at the Roman time in control of this part of the world. The viewpoint over the Andalusian plain gives an insight into those medieval years, waiting patiently for any sign of intrusion or attack. The market also deserves plenty of attention, as this is a city famous for its production of olive oil and wine. If you can get here for the April fair, you are a lucky duck indeed.

Eating & Drinking in Carmona

This is Andalusia, of course there are going to be a mass of options. Not only that, but there is a pub crawl of sorts already laid out, the so-called Tapas Route that is marked with blue and white signs and will take you on a tour of the finest tapas and booze spots that Carmona has to offer. Every single city on the planet should do something similar to this. Add to this a Roman Necropolis, some of the most charming narrow streets in Andalusia and an impressive roster of churches, not to mention some of the best restaurants going, and you have yourself a fantastic day trip option from Seville.
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