Copenhagen City Guide

The capital city in the land of the happiest people in Europe, Copenhagen, has an exciting and rich history. It was probably found in the 10th century (possibly earlier), and at that time, it was a just a Viking village, all until five centuries later, in the early 15th century, when it finally became the capital. The name itself means 'merchants' (or chapman's) harbor' in the Old Norse, as it was an important stop in the old world.

During its long existence, the city underwent several reconstructions, each of them bringing new architecture styles, typical of the era, which as a result brought to the diversity of sights we have the chance to see now. The city that even Hans Christian Andersen chose to be his home can't disappoint, right? Along the numerous sights, you'll have a chance to experience hygge, the way of life of the people who live here, and possibly the reason why they are the happiest in Europe, or maybe it's the other way around, it's classic chicken and egg dilemma, but hey, who cares about chronology when there's life to enjoy? And that's exactly what one should do in Copenhagen - enjoy.
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