Cosmoreal. Museum of Future

Apr 26 - Jun 6 2019       Al. Korfantego 6
The exhibition's intention is to approximate the geometry of higher dimensions through painting and sculpture. The relativistic quantum field theory, theory of photons and electrons, mathematician's Bernhard Riemannian geometry and his contributions to analysis, number theory, differential geometry and particularly metric tensor, as well as Theodor Kaluza's work remain the source of Witold Stypa's main artistic inspiration. The sculptures created by Stypa originate out of the realm of mathematical aesthetics. The artist aims to stimulate the creativity of his audience, to search for an innovative vision of the future and to create a new world order. Two questions are of vital importance to Stypa. First, how much of the past is included in our vision of the future? Second, how the yet undiscovered world affects the human consciousness when the two are confronted with each other. Stypa would like to rid the human consciousness of the past, so that it can become something it has yet to be. 




Open 10:00-18:00. Closed Mon. Apr 26 2019 - Jun 6 2019
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