There’s no place quite like Yorkshire. God’s Own Country does things a little differently to the rest of England, and its biggest city is right at the heart of it all. Leeds is pride and Leeds is confidence, the friendliest city in the north and one that isn’t afraid to thrust itself to the fore, a town that deeply understands its importance and influence. It also happens to be sublimely beautiful, culinarily creative and home to some of the best bands in the country. Other cities get the ‘musical capital’ tag but Leeds trumps them all — it just doesn’t make a song and dance about it.

Yorkshire has a reputation for being about as homely as it gets and that reputation isn’t built on hearsay. We predict that you’ll go about four minutes in the centre of town before finding yourself drinking a cup of tea and listening to an adorable old couple make impressively-witty remarks about their relationship. Leeds is conversation central, a place that has time for a chat but isn’t going to waste your time in the process. It doesn’t get much friendlier than this.

But there is a regal side to it that is often forgotten. The city has a host of stunning estates that rival those of the south, while the fine dining scene might just be the most underrated in England. That juxtaposition sums Leeds up nicely — an old friend that will make you a cup of tea and cheer you up, while cooking you a seven course degustation meal in the process.

And then there is Kirkstall Abbey, the countless beautiful shopping arcades, Layne’s Espresso, the Royal Armouries, Roundhay Park, The Tetley and so much more, including our favourite venue in the entire country. The Brudenell Social Club, we’ll see you soon. This city is special. Everything England claims to be, Leeds is.


It gets pretty cold up north. Not Yakutsk cold, not enough Moscow cold, but cold enough for the city to have a reputation for being a bit chilly. It isn’t even the temperatures to be honest, more the biting winds and the constant clouds. Summers are rather pleasant, with mild temperatures that rarely climb into the mid 20s but never feel anything less than enjoyable. As with practically everywhere else in the world, spring and autumn are the best times to visit.

Crime & Safety

We’ve always found and felt Leeds to be a safe city, and we’re pretty sure that is how it is. There is a commitment and dedication to Yorkshire that ensures a community feeling whether you are a part of the community or not, and local people (old or young) are generally quick to step in if things are looking a little tasty. Keep your wits about you at night, maintain your common sense, and don’t say anything stupid.

Hospitals & Pharmacies

Fingers crossed you won’t need it, but Leeds General Infirmary is the place to go if you find yourself in need of some serious medical attention. The hospital is accessible by public transport, but if it’s that serious then you’ll be getting a taxi, surely? 999 is the number to call if things are serious. As for pharmacies, you can get most mild medication from supermarkets these days, but you’ll have an altogether more legitimate time if you nip into Boots or Savers.

Can you drink the tap water

Can you drink the tap water in Leeds? Yes, you can drink the tap water in Leeds. You might even like it.
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