Interesting Things You Should Know About Travel Games

more than a year ago
Playing games, we love it! We like to play a game both at home and when travelling. Just the two of you, or together with friends and family. Our collection is therefore growing and more and more fun games are being added. Unfortunately, not every game is equally useful to take with you on a trip, but luckily there are plenty of suitable games for travelling that are super fun to do. Both with your travel companions and with travellers you meet along the way! You do not need to travel to Las Vegas casinos to enjoy travel games, you can now enjoy these games in the comfort of your home with your friends. In this article, I will list the best travel games for you so that you too can play fun games. Mind you, it is quite addictive.

Travel Games: Pay Attention to This Before Purchasing!

There are tons of games for travel and tons of board games for home that are fun. However, not everyone likes the same kinds of games. It is therefore good to think in advance what kind of games you really like. Do you prefer tactical games? Or maybe more of games where luck plays a big factor? Do you often play in pairs, or with a group? Based on which games you add to your collection and which you let pass you by.

We did not do this and in the beginning, blindly bought some games that others had recommended to us! We also made some mistakes because of this. Like Jatten and Koehandel Master, those are absolutely no games for us!

The Best Travel Games!

We like to play games at home and we also enjoy playing games when travelling. Games are both fun with your travel group, but also the perfect entertainment together with the people you meet while travelling. Many of the travel games are language-independent, so you can play with everyone! Super handy. Besides the next-mentioned games, you can also enjoy travel-themed slots at online casinos not on GamStop, some of the most alluring titles are (Vacation USA, Red Sands, Paris Beauty, Cafe de Paris).

With each game, we will tell you how many people the game is suitable for, how the game goes, how long it takes and where you can order it. Here they come!

Hive Pocket

Game: Hive Pocket
Publisher: Story Factory
Number of people: 2
Playing time: 15-25 minutes
Hive Pocket is one of our favourite travel games. Hive is a tactical game for 2 players. Each player gets stones with insects on them. Each insect can move in a different way. The goal is to surround the opponent's queen bee. Still quite difficult and really nice challenging!

Hive pocket is really a mind game, it is sometimes compared to chess. It is an abstract game. You can choose the regular version or the pocket version. The pocket version automatically contains 2 expansions and consists of small stones that fit in a handy bag. This bag is also included, so ideal! The regular version is larger and therefore more clumsy to carry. The pocket version has good quality stones, which you could also use in a place with a lot of wind.

Exploding Kittens

Game: Exploding Kittens
Publisher: Exploding Kittens
Number of people: 2-5 (but the best with 3-5 players)
Playing time: 15 minutes
Are you looking for a game that you can explain within 2 minutes and guarantee a pleasant evening? Then Exploding Kittens is perfect for you! Exploding Kittens is actually a kind of Russian roulette. The goal of the game is to avoid taking the Exploding Kitten from the pile of cards. But where is it? Of course, you don't know! This makes the game exciting and unpredictable.

Each turn you can choose to play an action card. You can then, for example, look at the top three cards, skip a turn, shuffle the pile, or take cards from an opponent. Then you have to take a card from the deck. But be careful! This could just be the exploding kitten. Don't have a defuse card? Then you are immediately out of the game.


Game: Jaipur
Publisher: Asmodee
Number of people: 2
Playing time: 30 minutes
Jaipur is a two-player game that combines tactics and luck in a fun way. Each player is dealt 5 cards and there are 5 more market cards in the middle of the table. You can always take cards from the market, trade cards, or add camels to your herd. With the cards you collect you can buy goods again and those goods are worth points. Do you dare to hold your cards longer and buy more goods at once? Then you also earn a bonus chip for even more points. But, don't wait too long, because before you know it your opponent will suddenly buy the chips with the highest values!

Jaipur is a very colourful game and you basically play three rounds to determine who wins the game in the end! We find Jaipur surprisingly nice and he regularly comes to the table here. This game will definitely come along on our next trip because in our opinion this is one of the best travel games!


Game: Clever
Publisher: 999 Games
Number of people: 1-4
Playing time: 30 minutes
Clever is a challenging dice game for 1 to 4 people. We don't own this game at home, but our brother and sister do. And that's where we like to play it! Clever sounds very complicated, but if you just watch the movies, you'll figure it out and it's very entertaining.

With Clever you have to keep rolling dice. After your roll, you may choose one die to keep and to fill in your sheet. Then you can throw again. But beware, if you choose the 4, you have to put all numbers lower than 4 in the middle. You may roll a total of three times and place the 3 remaining dice in the middle. Your fellow players may always choose 1 die to mark on their sheet.

Different rules apply for each colour when marking off. I think what makes Clever so nice is that after a while you get chain reactions and can score a lot of points in one turn if you play it a bit smart. With certain rows or crosses, you get a bonus that allows you to put an extra cross. This makes Clever a fun dice game, which still requires quite a bit of tactic and thinking!


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