Leeuwarden In Your Pocket

Where better to explore the curiosities of Friesland than in the regional capital? Leeuwarden is chock-full of sights, sounds and sensations that positively demand your attention, grabbing visitors by the scruff of the neck (not literally) and ensuring that none of them will ever mispronounce its moniker again.

We jest, of course. The people of Leeuwarden are seriously laid-back and will more than likely help you get over the surprisingly easy mass of vowels that make up the first half of its name, a title that has rung through Dutch history since this place was first developed in the 9th century. Leeuwarden was once a royal residence and it has the chops to show for it, with grand squares and graceful buildings oozing charm, elegance and importance.

What do we like most about Leeuwarden? Such questions are impossible to answer with any real conviction. Saying that, we do have a soft spot for curiosities and oddball-sights, so the so-called Other Museum will obviously stand out, home as it is to a ragtag collection of artefacts covering Meccano, model trains, laces and more. Where do we sign up?

Well, we can sign up at one of the city’s countless top-quality restaurants, or over a piping hot coffee at the Post Plaza, Leeuwarden’s stunning old post office. Fancy something a little stronger? A 100,000 strong population have no shortage of places to enjoy the evening, from the varied beer list of De Markies to the whiskey-centric charm of De Spoek. These spots are just the tip of the iceberg, of course. A European Capital of Culture in 2018, Leeuwarden is a 24-hour destination and then some.

Full city guide coming soon!

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