Linz In Your Pocket

There’s something about Linz. The third-largest city in Austria, it is undeniably curious, tinted as it is with a baffling blend of Austrian history, globalist trends and shimmering ideas of the future. Linz is a city where grand old buildings sit next to those that are straight out of science fiction, a city where opposites attract and bed-in for more than a brief dalliance. If you want a window into a world of history straight out of the future, get yourself to Linz.

That history stretches all the way back to the Romans, while the future is found in a range of museums that will test the limits of your imagination and comprehension. Linz’s spot on the Danube made it a vital trading point during the days of the Holy Roman Empire, while that geological position continues to attract cosmopolitan and creative minds today. Every now and then the two blur, best seen in the Neo-Gothic majesty of the 19th century New Cathedral, which still looks futuristic today.

Make no mistake about it, Linz is a city with its finger on the pulse of whatever Austria might be brewing up, a city that always seems to be one step ahead of the rest. Such a city demands award-worthy sustenance and entertainment, both of which Linz has in spades. This is a city that truly does have something for everyone and plenty that people don’t realise they want until the set foot in that famous square. There’s just something about Linz.

Full city guide coming soon!

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