Madeira In Your Pocket

Portugal’s most ravishing island? We’re not in the business of favourites here at In Your Pocket (especially when the term ‘Ravishing’ is in question, Rick Rude notwithstanding), but the jaw-dropping nature, adrenaline-spiking adventure and the sheer weight of beauty make a compelling case for Madeira. There’s a pretty good reason why this North Atlantic archipelago is a ubiquitous presence at the top table of international islands.

Of course, by ‘a pretty good reason’ we mean ’an absolute boatload of reasons’, although you could plonk us in front of the scenery and we’d be more than satisfied. The jagged cliffs and breaking waves make for a quite beautiful combination that’ll have the heart soaring in no time, while the rainforests that once covered the entire island still provide a mystery and magnificence that has been recognised by UNESCO and all the rest. You don’t need official organisations to appreciate this though, you simply need to be there. Don’t get lost, please.

A deep dive into the flora and fauna of Madeira will provide enough intrigue for a lifetime, but we’re going to go out on a limb and guess that most readers aren’t packing up their lives and heading to the capital Funchal for a new life. With a population of over 110,000 and growing, Funchal is the centre of culture and history here, with a nightlife scene that doesn’t know when to stop and isn’t interested in learning how to. The historic centre of Funchal conjures up memories of centuries gone by, while the town’s roster of museums may well take you by surprise.

Tourism makes up around 20% of Madeira’s GDP so don’t expect to have it all to yourself, but do expect to be blown away by the beaches and the crystal clear ocean, clear enough to spy whales and dolphins from time to time. There’s something refreshingly old fashioned about visiting Madeira, and we’re all for it. Plus, we went through this entire intro without talking about Madeira wine, which explains the price…

Full Madeira guide coming soon!!

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