Nepal Lake District

Welcome to the Lake District of Nepal!


Nepal Lake District In Your Pocket - Coming Soon...

The Nepal Lake District - as we've unofficially dubbed the area to the southeast of Pokhara - is a green oasis of peace located only 20 kilometres from the inevitable chaos and crowds of the country's tourism capital and jumping off point for the hundreds of thousands of foreign visitors who go trekking in the famed Annapurna range each year. This easy accessibility and relative calm makes it the perfect destination for some quiet reflection before or after a trek, or a longer term stop in its own right for those looking for a little relaxation or interested in some authentic immersion in the rural Nepalese countryside.

Often referred to by locals as the City of Seven Lakes, the Garden City of Seven Lakes or simply Lekhnath - the latter being what the now somewhat sprawling farming community between the Pokhara-Kathmandu highway and eastern hills where the lakes are situated is officially known as - as a tourist destination, the area is primarily centred around Begnas Lake and nearby Rupa Lake to the south, while the other five constituent bodies of water (namely Khaste, Deepang, Gunde, Neureni and Maidi Lakes) are quite a bit smaller, more off the beaten path and take a bit of exploring to discover.

Our local team of erstwhile editors, researchers and local volunteers is currently putting together what is all but guaranteed to be the most accurate, up-to-date, informative and entertaining guide to this simultaneously popular yet relatively unknown oasis on the outskirts of Pokhara. While things in Nepal tend to move at their own pace (read: slowly and behind schedule), we're optimistically hoping that the inaugural issue of Nepal Lakes District In Your Pocket will be launched in both print and digital versions later this year.
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