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Have you ever been to a place where the spirit of industrial past creates an unforgettable atmosphere? Meet Ostrava, an exciting city full of unique and still living industrial heritage. The historic industrial complexes were or are being revitalized and transformed into a new leisure, entertainment and educational zone.

The Vitkovice Lower Area, originally founded by the Rotschilds, is today a compound offering guided tours of the historic works and blast furnace, multi-purpose centre converted from a derelict Gas Holder or the World of Technology – the museum where children as well as adults are not just allowed but obliged to touch and try everything.
If you prefer going down the pit, you can do this feeling yourself as a real miner in the Landek Park ! Or why not try something of the rich culture of the proud miner´s profession as drinking the Miners´ Flag symbolising their typical colours or eating the miner´s snack? Don´t forget to take a ride on the mining train.

The most authentic former mine, where you can follow exactly the same path as the miners did every day at work, is the Michal Mine.

No surprise if you meet a shooting film crew when rambling around the industrial parts of the city as the city is becoming increasingly popular destination for making films, music videos or trailers (look at www.filmostrava.cz).

There is no other place where you can visit a castle, whose whole structure sank 16 m into the ground because of coal mining. This is the case of The Silesian Ostrava Castle, today reconstructed and opened to public. Have a look at the green city from the highest City Hall viewing tower in the Czech Republic.

If you want to feel cosmopolitan and be a part of an international environment, visit Ostrava during some of the big events like the music festival Colours of Ostrava or the Golden Spike , Usain Bolt´s favourite athletic event. You can also participate in some of the international meetings (look at www.conventionostrava.cz).

Do not miss out on Ostrava’s culture represented by first-class performances in theatres, concert halls, music clubs or museums and galleries. Have a coffee in the café dating back to the happy times of the First Republic and get inspired by the famous actors or writers who used to sit in the same place you are now.

Stodolní Street with over sixty bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs is the perfect place to finish you day. But you may also indulge yourself with relaxing in the wellness centres or swimming pools.

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