Patras In Your Pocket

As the old saying goes, some things in life are simply inevitable: death, taxes and big Greek cities having centuries and centuries of history on which to amaze and astound all who are lucky enough to visit them. That’s how it goes, right? Greece’s third-largest city and its historic gateway to Europe, Patras is a top table treat that might surprise you with its invention and excitement, all while meeting the demands we put upon cities in these parts. Famous old architecture? God-like gastronomy? Stories of extremely clever men many from 2,500 years ago? Tick, tick, tick.

History abounds from every nook and cranny in Patras but that almost goes without saying; people were doing their thing here long before JC made his presence felt. That isn’t to dismiss the thrilling array of time on offer here, far from it, and even the most cynical of travellers will find themselves gawping in awe at Patras Castle, the Roman Odeon or the city’s famous lighthouse, the sort of landmark that draws proposals and lyrical lamentations of love from stones. Veterans of Greek travel will be in their element in Patras, while newcomers will find more than enough to guarantee plans for future veteran status.

Attention usually focuses on this town’s status as Greece’s entry to the west, but maybe it is more pertinent to refer to it as Europe’s entry to Greece, a newcomer-friendly city that sets the tone for what is to follow. That means industry-defining engineering and culinary miracles in equal measure, accentuated by more than 20,000 students and all the energy that such a crowd habitually musters. There’s something special about exploring archaeological remains by day and sipping Tentura (Patras’ famous brandy) by night, something we’re more than happy to enjoy time and time again.

Full city guide coming soon!

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