Salamanca In Your Pocket

Home to the third-oldest university in Europe, Salamanca is a city defined by that commitment to academic development. A city for thinkers, let’s put it like that. That history goes way, way back but still permeates daily life today, where conversations in cafes carry more conviction than many will be used to. The famous Spanish penchant for passion is well and truly alive in the city of teachers.

You don’t need us to wax lyrical about the aesthetic virtues of a town afforded UNESCO World Heritage status way back in 1988. Words can only do so much, after all, even in a city famous for its appetite for the things. Salamanca is a city that thrives in the brick and mortar of its society, the charismatic chatter of its historic buildings and the depth and breadth of its ideas, bubbling to the surface like a Corillo poured too quickly. That last phrase isn’t coincidental, by the way, and even the most blasé of travellers will be able to decipher that most consistent of circumstances; university town equals nightlife nirvana. Salamanca is this and more, a gorgeous town to explore and investigate by the day before partying the night (and early morning) away, getting an all-too-brief nap in before hitting the streets once more.

Salamanca doesn’t skimp on the aesthetics either, conjuring up fantastical scenes with its Renaissance facades, almost brazen in their confidence. Plaza Mayor is the nucleus that holds this most cerebral of cities together, and it just so happens to be the most beautiful main square in all of Spain. Don’t believe us? You will, you will.

The transformative characteristics of what we all want university life to be are well and truly alive in Salamanca. Bring an open mind and an eager heart and you might just fall in love with the famous city of education on the Tormes.

Full city guide coming soon!

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