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Shopping in Stuttgart is easy. The main shopping drag, Königstrasse, has all the big stores. The Klett-Passage (D-2) is the underground shopping arcade between Königstrasse and the central station. Most of the shops offer cheap practical wares to commuters in a hurry, but are open up to 9.00 p.m. on weekdays.

Schulstrasse (C-3) became the first pedestrian zone in Germany in 1953, between the Königstrasse and the market square, and but now is more of a fast-food lane than really a place for shopping. The Bohnenviertel (Bean Quarter, D-3) has some of the most beautiful and most interesting shops have hidden themselves away in the old part of Stuttgart. Tranquil or fashionable, cosmopolitan or Swabian, shoppers will find Stuttgart in all its diversity in this part of the city.
Along Calwer Strasse (C-3), behind the facades of pretty gabled houses and beautiful half-timbered buildings, exquisite luxury shops are an ideal setting for strolling around. Eberhardstrasse (C-4) with its elegant shops leads into the Karls-Passage (redesigned in 1989) of the Breuninger department store. Live music, elegant boutiques and a stylish brassiere invite shoppers to take a breather and linger awhile.

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