Discovering the Beauty of Mount Ararat

11 Jul 2023
Today we shall discuss the mighty Mount Ararat in Turkey and what is there to make the climb. For those unaware, Mount Ararat is one of the geological jewels of Turkey. It attracts many climbers, trekkers, and campers each year for the challenging journey upwards. Furthermore, in the local regions of Turkey, Mount Ararat is of great cultural and historical significance. As per the legends, Mount Ararat was the landing location of Noah's ark after the flood took all of the life forms on Earth. Hence, it is amongst the holiest places for the Christian Turkish people. Nevertheless, let's see what else there is known about this mountain.
Mount Ararat © Unsplash

Climbing Ararat Is All About Ascending to the Heavens

Even before you make the climb to Mount Ararat, you have to be physically present there. And for that, you need to reach Turkey first. Though there are land and sea options, the most popular is obviously arriving by plane. For instance, you can employ the Turkish Airlines check in services and lie down here. When you reach Ararat, you might get excited to climb as high and fast as possible. However, you must remember what you are going to read here next. It will help you to enjoy the climb by doing so in the safest way possible.

Ararat is not a mountain to be taken lightly, yet it is climbable with skill and perseverance. The ascent is challenging but also heightens the excitement; you must make the most of it. The experience of reaching the peak will be incredibly satisfying, but you must first thoroughly research the journey. You should know that the best time to climb Mount Ararat is June to September. It provides just the right amount of warmth, wind, and sunshine to make the climb bearable.

Joining a mountaineering institute is the first step. There, you will learn everything there is to know about climbing methods and equipment. They will begin by practicing their skills on short climbs. Then the day arrives when you start the ascent. Climbing is a lifelong endeavor, as you must be aware. You'll first go to the base camp, where you'll stay for a day or two. 
The key to a successful climb is to spend time in base camp, which aids in acclimatization. Acclimatization is the body's natural response to the harsh arctic climate, which features extremely low pressure and subzero temperatures.

Acclimatization also educates your body on breathing in low-oxygen environments to help you survive. They will begin the climb when the trainer or climbing Sherpa determines they are prepared. After this, the test of endurance, patience, and physical strength starts. Most importantly, it will challenge you mentally and emotionally and teach you things as you summit after struggling.
A beach near Anatalya

What Additional Places in Turkey Are Worth Visiting?

Mount Ararat is indeed a perfect way to tickle your adventurous side. However, for regular tourists, there are easier ways to have that tickle. We have shared a few places where you can explore and have your kind of adventure:

Antalya is the beautiful Mediterranean urban cum coastal hub that offers excellent respite to beach lovers. Beautiful yachts, boats, water sports, and other exciting activities are here. Alternatively, if you like to sit and cherish the seaside, you can stay in your sunbed in your hotel and have it. 

A singular natural wonder, Pamukkale is translated to Cotton Castle in English. Pamukkale boasts several travertine structures and swimming holes that resemble terraces. Suppose you desire the ideal encounter. We advise arriving a few minutes before dusk, giving the area a shimmering appearance.  

The Blue Mosque
When in Turkey, your visit will be incomplete if you do not visit the Blue Mosque. This mosque is an architectural wonder and lives up to its name. The mosque, from the inside and outside, has terrific and different blue hues that give it its signature look. Furthermore, the mosque is also open to non-worshipping people though after the prayer hours are over. 

Any mountain can be climbed, just as we can follow our lives' paths. The steps and climbing get easier and harder at different places. Thus, to reach the pinnacle of your life, much like you do at the top of Mount Ararat, you must have a strong will and be willing to overcome obstacles. When you do, keep in mind to climb higher the next time. Rest, and don't forget to appreciate the climbing - whether it's on Ararat or in real life. 


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