Arriving in Vilnius


The three main points of arrival in Vilnius offer very different experiences indeed, making your first few minutes in the city anything from a pleasure to a pain. Improvements are taking place all the time. Print copies of Vilnius In Your Pocket can be bought from kiosks and shops inside the airport, bus and train stations for €4.99.

By plane
Vilnius International Airport (Tarptautinis Vilniaus Oro Uostas) is just 5km south of the city centre. Even if you're landing from a non-Schengen country, formalities are quick and relatively straightforward. After collecting your luggage if necessary, enter through one of the automatic sliding doors into the arrivals hall where you'll find a kiosk for snacks, maps, cigarettes and prepaid mobile phone cards, ATMs, currency exchange offices and a small tourist information kiosk. Toilets and car rental companies can be found to the left and right. Getting to town A taxi to Old Town using one of the vehicles parked outside the arrivals terminal should cost around €15 or possibly considerably more depending on the cheek of the driver. Calling one in advance will cost a lot less. If you don't know how to do it yourself, ask someone at the tourist information kiosk to order one for you. Bus Nº88 goes to Old Town, and buses Nº1 and 2 go to the train station. The Nº3G express bus travels via Lukiškių Aikštė and on north over the river past the Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva. Timetables are posted at the stop outside the main exit. Buy a ticket from the driver for €1 and punch it in the ticket puncher nearby. Alternatively, hop on a train and in less than 10 minutes be at the train station in the centre of the city. The airport train station can be found along the road outside the main exit on the left. Trains leave every hour or so from around 06:00 until 21:30. Climb aboard, give the conductor €0.70 and away you go.

By train
Vilnius’ sole train station (Geležinkelio Stotis) is fairly large by local standards. Find kiosks and shops for snacks, maps, cigarettes and prepaid mobile phone cards scattered in and around the building, plus toilets (€0.30) and left luggage (Bagažinė) in the basement. If you need to take out or change money, there’s a couple of ATMs inside the building and the extremely handy 24-hour Medicinos Bankas just outside to the left. Also located inside the building are the Lithuanian Railway Museum and an upright piano surrounded by bean bags if you’re feeling creative or need a rest. Getting to town Get to Old Town in a few minutes by going straight ahead on exiting the station and walking down the hill (Sodų). The train station is just across the street from the bus station. See By bus for more information about getting to the centre by public transport.

By bus
Vilnius' bus station (Autobusų Stotis) is located less than 1km south of Old Town in a less than salubrious, albeit perfectly safe area. Most facilities are located inside one large grey building and include kiosks and shops for snacks, maps, cigarettes and prepaid mobile phone cards, downstairs toilets (€0.50) and ATMs. For 24-hour currency exchange, use the Medicinos Bankas across the street and just to the right of the train station. Left luggage (Bagažinė) is located outside at the far end of the platforms. Getting to town Get to Old Town in a few minutes by turning left on exiting the station and walking down the hill (Sodų). Countless buses, minibuses and trolleybuses can be found in the immediate area, all going off in different directions around the city. Among the more useful services travelling through the city centre are trolleybus Nº2 and bus Nº1G. Buy a ticket from the driver for €1, punch it in the ticket puncher nearby, and off you go. Taxis are parked here and there. Be sure to negotiate a fare before you leave. Expect to pay €6 or even more for a short trip to Old Town. Calling one in advance is the best option.

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