With a population of thousands of international students, Tilburg isn't exactly a Mecca for foodies and gourmets, but local restaurants do cater to pretty much every ethnic taste. It's possible to sip margaritas at siesta time and savour souvlaki for supper. And compared to other European cities, typical tourist traps are relatively rare.

In Your Pocket staff undertake the strenuous task of selecting, among hundreds of establishments, those that truly respect their patrons and take their business seriously whether they're humble french fries joints or sophisticated Michelin-starred restaurants. And with so many establishments to choose from, we hope that our guide serves as the solution to what can be an overwhelming question: what's for dinner?

By the way, tipping isn't mandatory, but it's a nice gesture to leave 10% for good service. Prices that appear in parentheses indicate the average cost of a main course only.

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