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Netherlands In Your Pocket

Netherlands In Your Pocket
Although In Your Pocket usually specialises in destinations with odd, unpronounceable names in the backwaters of countries that most people would have a tough time pointing out on a map of Europe, the company also covers places not so far off the beaten path like the Netherlands. That said, the first Dutch cities to be pocketed usually don’t get much tourist traffic and that’s exactly why they need a good guide. ’s-Hertogenbosch is the capital of the province of North-Brabant and a must see for anyone who likes beautiful medieval towns and paintings by the world-renowned artist Hieronymus Bosch. Although many people travel through the nation’s railway hub Utrecht on their way to some place else, this ancient university city, whose history stretches back to Roman times, has beautiful canals, medieval architecture and nightlife that won’t quit. Naturally, our coverage of Holland wouldn't be complete without a guide to Amsterdam, a city that conjures up images of canals, coffeeshops and red lights. Finally, the student town of Tilburg is also a part of the In Your Pocket empire and watch this space for a guide to the little-known, yet intriguing southern cities of Sittard-Geleen. Our latest contribution of discovering the The Netherlands is the beautiful area of Bommelerwaard, a green area south of Utrecht. 

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