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Rainy Days and Bruin Cafés

There’s so much to see in Amsterdam that one often feels obliged to forgo simple pleasures to visit as many museums and attractions as is humanly possible. However, a rainy autumn day is the perfect excuse to enjoy a relatively guilt-free dash into one of Amsterdam’s centuries-old bars known as bruin cafés. After all, we love local architecture and the Dutch old masters as much as the next guy, but we also believe that Vermeer and Rembrandt probably appreciated a tasty brew now and again, so why deny yourself a delicious seasonal bock beer at an historic pub whose quaint wooden floors are either covered in sand or fall foliage? We would also argue that sitting by a warm fireplace in a venue where generations of Amsterdammers imbibed alcoholic beverages and conversed on the topics of the day is just as authentic a local experience as queuing up for the Rijksmuseum (perhaps even more so). Just keep reading Amsterdam In Your Pocket to find the perfect bruin café, restaurant, hotel, shop or museum for you.

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