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Summer in Amsterdam

Some travellers are content to just walk around a new city hoping that they’ll stumble upon something interesting. In fact, when we were teenagers backpacking across Europe, we would just take a peek at local postcards to see what was worth looking at in every city we came across. Amsterdam is, in fact, so beautiful and alluring that you could simply wander along its canals for days on end without visiting any museums, but sooner or later everyone has to eat and if you’re like us, you’d probably like to stop for a local brew every once in a while, too. That’s where we come in. We’ve scoured the length and breadth of Amsterdam to discover its best cafés, restaurants, pubs, clubs and summer terraces and you’ll find quite a few on the following pages. That’s not to say, that we don’t have extensive information about sightseeing, because we do. And unlike other guides to Amsterdam, this slim booklet covers all of the city’s district’s, so intrepid travellers can discover parts of Amsterdam most tourists will never see. Enjoy!

Our Amsterdam Highlights

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