A mighty Moravian mix of modernism and medieval majesty, Brno is bold, brash and beautiful. That is enough alliteration to last a lifetime, and the Czech Republic’s second city is a place that deserves just as much time. Brno has undergone something of a renaissance over the last few years, embracing what makes it special and becoming a genuine alternative to Prague in the modern age. 

Brno is famous for plenty of reasons, from functionalist architecture to a proud history of science and art, via a hugely underachieving football club and more. The city the Germans call Brünn has well and truly seized the coffee and beer revolutions by the collar, dragging them around town and putting a decidedly ‘Brno’ spin on it all, meaning an excellent bar or cafe can be found on practically every street. 

No longer underrated, Brno is proudly stepping out into the new world with a chip on its shoulder and plenty of stories to tell.

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