Brno Basics


By the Numbers

Population — 377,973

Area — 230.19 square kilometres

Official Language — Czech

Local Time — Central European (GMT +1)

Despite its somewhat dramatic name, Brno’s Trauma Hospital is the place to go if you are in need of medical support, at least for anything that can’t be treated with over the counter medicine. In case of a serious emergency, 112 is the number to call, and an ambulance will soon be on its way to you. 

Public Toilets
There are a number of public toilets in Brno, most of which are free to use and open throughout the day. There are also pay-to-use toilets on the city’s main squares. It can be harder finding a public toilet at evening however, so be sure to follow the number one rule of travel when out on the town; if there is a toilet, use it.

The development of modern technology has changed plenty, but the internet cafe industry has suffered more than most. Throughout Brno there are hints at those former establishments, but the majority of surfing is now done via WiFi in cafes and bars. WiFi is ubiquitous throughout the city’s social spaces.

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