How to get to Gniezno

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Gniezno is located in the western half of Poland, placing it closer to big European centres like Berlin and Prague than many Polish cities. It is a mere 50km from Poznań, which often leads people to incorrectly assume that Gniezno is a suburb! With an intercity train station, buses and serviced via Poznań–Ławica International Airport and Bydgoszcz IJ Paderewski International Airport, there are a number of options enabling you to get to Gniezno with relative ease.

Traffic moving through Gniezno. Photo by S. Uciński, © Urząd Miejski w Gnieźnie

Gniezno Dworcowy PKP Train Station is a simple affair featuring a newsagent and cafe, and it's a 10min walk to the Rynek, with the Cathedral lying just beyond - simply follow ul. Dworcowa until you reach ul. Mieszka I, and then follow the latter to its conclusion. Alternatively, 10zł should be enough to get you dropped off in the market square (Rynek) by a cab. If you keen to get sightseeing as soon as you step out of your carriage, we recommend downloading Królika Goń (ENG: Rabbit Chase), the city's official mobile app game/navigator that has GPS locators for landmarks! You can download it from the iOS App Store or Google Play.

The mobile app Królika Goń which includes a map with key landmarks to help you get around Gniezno!

How to get to Gniezno from Poznań?

From Poznań, a car trip is about 50 minutes, however regional and intercity trains are comparable in travel time and leave regularly from the main station. The IC and TLK are direct with prices starting at 17zł for the 26-30 minute journey, while the REGIO and Koleje Wielkopolskie (KW) cost 13.50zł and lurch to a stop at every hamlet along the way, extending the travel time to about 45 minutes. Travellers using the TLK train should note that Gniezno is the first stop on the route; don’t expect any announcements alerting you to your arrival. Hardcore cyclists can expect an approximately 3 hour trip from Poznań, but the steady ascent to the 'eagle's nest' will really test your calves!
A Gniezno rabbit watching traffic pass through Gniezno.

How to get to Gniezno from Kraków?

From Kraków, a car trip is about 5 hours. There are direct regional and intercity trains that go from Kraków to Gniezno: The regional (TLK) option takes 6 hours 15 mins; Intercity trains ( Kraków Główny to Gniezno) 5 hours 45 minutes. Tickets cost between 70 - 110zł.

How to get to Gniezno from Warsaw?

From Warsaw, a car trip is about 3 hours and 15 minutes and doesn't require you to go through Poznań. There are no direct trains from Warsaw to Gniezno. You are required to change Regional and intercity trains in either Iława, Toruń or Poznań. Tickets vary between 77zł for 1st class and 55zł for 2nd class.

How to get to Gniezno from Gdańsk?

From Gdańsk, a car trip is about 3 hours and 15 minutes. Everyday, there are 4 regional and intercity trains and 4-7 fast ones. These trains also pass through Bydgoszcz. There are no buses that go directly to Gniezno from Gdańsk. Tickets vary between 77zł for 1st class and 50zł for 2nd class.

How to get to Gniezno from Wrocław?

From Wrocław, a car trip is about 2 hours and 30 minutes. There are two direct trains that go from Wrocław to Gniezno every day. Tickets vary between 77zł for 1st class and 50zł for 2nd class.
Traffic going through Gniezno.

How to get to Gniezno from Berlin?

From Berlin, a car trip is about 3 hours and 30 minutes. There are no direct trains from Berlin to Gniezno. However, there are direct trains to Poznań, after which you can change to a local connection (see above). See for train times. A direct train from Berlin to Poznan takes 2.45h and costs about 50 euros. There is no direct and good connection via plane from Berlin to Gniezno. The nearest airports are Poznań and Bydgoszcz.

How to get to Gniezno from Prague?

From Prague, a car trip is about 6 hours. Unfortunately, train connections are not good, require change trains 3 or more times. By plane, flight connections are also not good, costing far more than is worth for a very indirect trip. Ironically, by bus (flix bus) is the most direct non-car option. However, you will be required to go through Berlin!


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