Nišville Jazz Festival 2012


The Nišville Jazz Festival, which will be held this year from 16 - 19 August, is the oldest event in Serbia to be designated by the Ministry of Culture as a cultural event of national significance.Visited by by 100,000 people each year, Nišville is also the most visited Jazz Festival south east Europe. From the beginning the primary concept of the festival has been based on the fusion of traditional jazz styles with the ethnic traditions of different parts of the world and especially the Balkans.In the words of one of the world's most well-known and respected jazz magazines, Downbeat: Nišville greatly contributes to the presentation of Balkan music as a new world trend while also promoting the entire jazz genre and the combination of the two styles.

Main Stage
The main program of the festival will be held in two connected stages in the Fortress, where in one evening performances by six bands will be accompanied by the over 20,000 visitors. The main stage is located behind the Bali Bey Mosque in the Fortress.

River and Kristina Stages
This year's Nišville festival will have programmes on three new stages, all of which will offer free admission. The first, dubbed the River Stage, is an amphitheatre at the wharf, near the monument Saban Bajramović, where performances will be given by jazz and world music bands from all over Europe, and in tribute to the great Niš musician each group will perform at least one composition of the king of Gypsy music.The second stage, with the working title Kristina, is especially designed for piano recitals, and will show projections of silent films that will be accompanied by performances of young pianists who will play improvised music for given film scenes.

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