Niš: The Birthplace of Constantine


EDITOR'S NOTE: Our local Niš team is currently working hard to update our guide to the city, which is scheduled to return bigger and better than ever in Autumn 2018.

Most widely known to the rest of the world as the birthplace of Roman emperor Constantine the Great, Niš has spent the past decade or so both modernising its infrastructure and embracing its rich cultural past. The recent addition of some first-rate hotels and chilled out hostels guarantee visitors will find a great place to stay no matter their budget, and the wide selection of dining options likewise caters to all tastes and wallets (although as with elsewhere in the region vegetarians will be looked upon with some combination of sorrow and amusement). Of course most tourists visit Niš for the sights, and there is plenty to see and do, including several great museums, some breathtaking natural wonders and the world-famous Niška Banja spa complex just outside of town. The summer months also bring a deluge of notable events to Niš, including the world renowned Nišville Jazz Festival, which attracts some 100,000 visitors each August.

As Serbia's third largest city and cultural heart of the country's south, Niš boasts an unparalleled historical legacy and enough modern attractions to put it on par with any city in the region in terms of tourist offerings, and of course never fails to deliver when it comes to the legendary Serbian sense of hospitality. Add to this the inevitable arrival of inexpensive travel options from Western Europe now that Serbia has finally been extended visa free travel to the Schengen zone, and there has never been a better time to visit this warm, welcoming, dynamic city on the move.

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