Nišville Jazz Festival 2012


The screen, projectors and piano platform will be located near the mountain lodge in the Fortress.

Useful Info
€100 Jazz Holiday: This year the Nišville Jazz Festival is offering a package for visitors to spend four days and four festival evenings for €100. The price includes accommodation in a twin room in a student's hostel with full board, as well as a four-day ticket to the festival. The hostel is located near the Fortress of Niš. Nišville Tickets: The Nišville Jazz Festival has started the second round of ticket sales at promotional prices. The actual price of a ticket set is €25 (2,600din).Tickets can be bought online at: or

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Why Nišville
To a classic question "Exit or Guča?" I say Nišville, because this matches my interest and obviously cannot be lonely as thousands of people visit it every night. - Mr. Miša Blam, jazz musician and publicist 

This is one of the best jazz festivals I have ever played. The great audience has made me feel like a real rock star, while, after the show, I enjoyed myself walking through the town with the wonderful people of different generations who really understand and like what we are doing. - Frank Lacy, trombone player and singer of Mingus Dynasty

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