Nišville Jazz Festival 2012


The first time we played at Nišville in 2007, it was raining and we thought it would affect the concert. But, although it never stopped raining, thanks to the great feedback of the audience and wonderful atmosphere, we had one of the best and longest concerts in our career, although this was supposed to be only a festival performance. It was very similar in 2009, but with no rain and an even larger audience. - Jean Paul Maunick, the leader of Incognito

Fascinated by the wonderful ambience and great atmosphere at this quite big festival, this was a new and wonderful experience. When I get back to USA, I will tell my friends about Nišville. - Grace Kelly, saxophone player

Although I have played at over a thousand concerts, this is my first time in this part of Europe and I was very excited before the concert. The atmosphere at my concerts is similar all over the world, but your audience is very welcoming and this is the reason hardly any festival can be compared to Nišville. -Solomon Burke, the legend of soul (who sadly passed away in 2010 only two months after playing at Nišville)

Phenomenal! The audience is fantastic, the city is beautiful and in a few days I haven’t seen any ugly women or girls. People, I will take you on court, I got used to quince rakija. And the food! What will I do home without the barbecue from Niš?! - Andy Ninvalle, McStewlocks

Read more about this year's line-up, ticket info, and more on our main Nišville page here!

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