Olomouc Basics


By the Numbers

Population — 100,378

Area — 103.36 square kilometres

Official Language — Czech

Local Time — Central European (GMT +1)


The climate in Olomouc mirrors the rest of the country, and with it the overwhelming majority of Central Europe. Summers are warm, occasionally rising to something best described as ‘hot’, with temperatures hitting 30 in July and August. Winter? Well, let’s just say its cold. December through February is freezing morning to night, with temperatures dipping below zero and staying there. Spring and autumn are delightfully mild. 

Crime & Safety

Olomouc is an immensely safe city to visit. Crime rates are low and even lower when tourists are taken into account, and its relatively undiscovered nature means the trappings of mass tourism are nowhere to be seen. Keep your wits about you of course, but Olomouc is a city that is safe to walk around be it day or night.  


Heaven forbid its services will be required, but Olomouc has two main hospitals and plenty of health clinics dotted around the city. If you require the attention of a medical expert, look out for a poliklinika. The two hospitals are found on IP Pavlova and Sušilovo namesti, the latter of which is a military hospital. 

Tap Water

Long story short, the tap water in Olomouc is absolutely fine to drink. Don’t expect to receive a glass of the stuff in a restaurant though — drinking tap water simply isn’t a thing in Czech restaurants. 

Public Toilets

There are plenty of public toilets in Olomouc, although almost all of them are closed once the sun goes down and many of the better located ones demand a fee. If you are worried that your bladder might go the way of Tycho Brahe, nip into a cafe and politely ask to use the toilet. Most places will be more than happy to provide relief.


Internet cafes resemble dinosaurs in the modern age, although a couple still rumble along in Olomouc. Practically every cafe, bar and restaurant has free WiFi, with the password/no password ratio at a solid 50/50.

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