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Coffeeshops in Tilburg are much less of a touristy affair than in most large cities in the Netherlands, probably due to the fact that few tourists visit this former textile manufacturing hub. It does, however, have some of the most genuine coffeeshops, again probably due to the fact that a successful coffeeshop in this city will need to attract a more permanent, local crowd.

As a result, coffeeshops here tend to be surprisingly welcoming, although, as always, there are some exceptions.

The city's coffeeshop business suffers most importantly from smuggling day-trippers from neighbouring Belgium, Germany, and even France and Luxemburg, so it's fairly obvious that the authorities and coffeeshops are cracking down on selling herb that may be destined for export.

Another reason why this city suffers from the threat of a meddling central government is simply due to the fact that the weed itself is of the highest quality and on offer for a reasonable price, more so than in most cities in the Netherlands.

Having said this, while it's probably not the most scenic city in the Netherlands to wander around in while having a smoke, you can feel more comfortable here than in other Dutch cities as a result of Tilburg's laid-back, working-class liberal attitude. It does after all have a substantial student population and their experimental approach to life seems to have rubbed off on the rest of the population.

In terms of herb, as well as coffeeshops, Tilburg definitely has a few gems to be discovered, as you'll certainly find out.

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