Loon op Zand/ Kaatsheuvel

Loon op Zand, Kaatsheuvel en De Moer


The municipality of Loon consists of the three villages of Loon op Zand, Kaatsheuvel and De Moer, which have a combined population of 23,070 people. The town hall is situated in Kaatsheuvel, but each village has its own unique character. The oldest of the three is Loon op Zand, formerly called Venloon. Loon op Zand got its name from the moor (ven) and forests (loon) that are an integral part of the area. In 1269 the village was lent to William van Horne by the Duke of Brabant and became a so-called heerlijckheid. Because Venloon was located near the drifting sands of the Loonse en Drunense Duinen, or dunes, it was later called Venloon op 't Sandt and finally renamed Loon op Zand. 
The oldest mention of Kaatsheuvel dates from 1506, when it was referred to as Ketshovel. A canal to transport peat from the surrounding area was constructed then to develop the already incredibly lucrative peat trade. After the peat was exhausted, Kaatsheuvel became a centre for the footwear and leather industry, but today it's mostly known for its famous theme park, The Efteling. 
De Moer was founded in the 14th century and has never really grown since then. The name of the village refers to its location on a bog. 'Moer' simply means moor or boggy land in Dutch.

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