Veliko Tarnovo



Cafes are everywhere, in every grassy area, on main streets and side streets alike. Bulgarians like drinking coffee and they like to sit down to do it, so there is no shortage of cafes. Not to mention that bars and restaurants are also open all day long and will happily serve you a hot drink. We have restricted our listing to those cafes that are really worth recommending and that will enrich your experience of Turnovo.

Bear in mind that coffee is served as espresso and if you would like anything other than that you should choose cappucino or a cold frappe. You can also ask for a 'dulgo cafe', which means an espresso with more water. Cream (smetana) comes in little plastic cartons. Tea is not popular and will usually be herbal, though those that we have listed here serve a variety of green and black teas in little teapots.

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