Banja Luka

What to See

What to See


The city and its surroundings have been blessed with an enchanting Castle, Orthodox churches, monasteries and a river brimming with wildlife and waterfalls.

If you take a stroll though the city centre, the towering Orthodox Church of Jesus the Saviour dominates the cityscape.

To the east of the city, across the river, you can explore the domains of the medival Kastel Fortress, one of Banja Luka's main historical attractions.

If you walk into one of the main tourist offices along the high street, be sure to ask about day trips and activites.  If you're up for any of the following thrills such as rafting, kayaking, diving, canyoning, hiking and trekking, climbing, mountaineering, parachuting or paragliding which are a great way to enjoy yourself amongst the breathtaking nature. 

If you have a pair of wheels, you can follow signs out of the city towards Jajce in which 4km down the road you will see a sign for the Krupa Monastery and waterfalls 'Krupa Na Vrbasu'.  

Finally, if you fancy a bit of a hike, ask for directions towards Banj Brdo hill.  Once you get to the top, there is a World War II memorial and a fantastic view of the city.  This also makes a great place for a picnic and a barbeque on a sunny day.


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