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Berlin in the summer. Is there a better time of year to visit? No, that we know of, at least not when there’s a World Cup on! Germany of course won the last tournament, four yearsago in Brazil, and are favourites to repeat the trick again this summer in Russia. Can they do it? The country will certainly be right behind them, and we have a guide to some of the best places in Berlin to join in with the fun: there will be loads of great places showing games - not only those of Germany - throughout the entire tournament, which begins on June 14th. Germany’s first group game, against Mexico, is on June 17th. Should they make the final, that takes place on July 15th. Our amazing team of researchers has picked a few winners. See the feature on page 10.

Less hectic but no less fun of course is the magnificently splendid game of golf. Berliners have taken to the game like crazy over the past few years, and there are now more than a few great courses dotted right around the city, mainly in the forests that surround the German capital, no more than 45 minutes or so from the city centre. Again, our research team has been on the job night and day and has managed to avoid the sand traps to sniff out the very best courses for you to go swing your irons.

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