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Almost there guys, almost there. Not long now before the coats can go back into the cupboards, the hat, scarves and gloves can be thrown into a box somewhere and neglected until November returns. Winter is almost over, and while Berlin is a marvel in the winter months we aren’t going to deny that we’re ready for a bit of sun and spring. 

February and March are two of the most exciting months in the German capital, and we’re not just talking about the gushing romance of Valentine’s Day. We are talking about that to a degree, so head to page 19 to see how we advise spending that evening. If Valentine’s Days have been replaced by, you know, the fruits of that romantic labour, we’ve also put together a list of ways to enjoy Berlin with all the family. 

Berlinale, ITB Berlin, the derby, a new Wintergarten show, it is all going on. The first of those two are extremely well documented, but the match between Hertha and Union throws up a number of curiosities. Bundesliga Berlin derby matches have been rare breeds over the years (this will be only the sixth), and for the first time in IYP’s life we might have a battle for capital supremacy on our hands. We’ve given a little insight to the history of the match over on page 17. 

All that and plenty more, your usual coverage of Berlin’s best restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs, galleries, museums, statues, Mandela exhibitions, shopping centres and all the rest. We’ll be back in April for Berlin IYP 104, along with improved temperatures and the beginning of trying to work out if its warm enough for the beer garden. Get in touch if you’ve got any advice, recommendations, feedback or the rest, through the usual channels. 

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