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Now, spring is here, the weather will start improving, the birds will be singing. Let’s see if we can get through this entire introduction without mentioning the whole COVID-19 thing…

As we enter month number 459459 of lock down (whoops), thoughts turn to the remaining three quarters of 2021. Things can get any worse, can they? News that Joachim Low is finally stepping down as manager of the German national football team after Euro 2020 (2021, but, you know) will be vaguely positive news for some, so maybe we should focus on that? Leon Draisaitl continues to tear it up for the Edmonton Oilers in the NHL, and Timmy Stützle is shaping up to be a new hero for a new generation of hockey fans despite the general wretchedness of his Ottawa Senators. On the sports side of things, there is definitely positivity. 

My oh my, what a year this has been. While our travel and exploration plans have long gone up in smoke, we have been able to make the most of this situation by binge-watching Homeland and making a plan to visit all those spots highlighted in season five. Poor Peter Quinn, although what else did he expect?   Overly-dramatic CIA-focused dramas aside, this has been a difficult year for the world, a difficult year for tourism and a difficult year for travel. What is travel without travellers? Berlin is a famous city that wows millions of visitors every single year; 2020 has been a kick in the teeth.  But we’re eternal optimists here at Berlin In Your Pocket, no matter how much time we spend with Carrie and company. The quiet streets of the city have allowed us to explore curiosities and quirks with a little more attention, most notably the fantastic murals dotted around the town. We’ve got a handy feature on the subject, so why not see if you can get out there and catch them all before they disappear?
 Berlin Kurfürstendamm © JamesQube, pixabay

What about on the cultural end of the stick? All that depends on when and how restrictions can be relaxed, of course, so we remain waiting with bated breath for updates and some of that aforementioned hope. Still, the improving weather means we can go for ever longer walks across the city, and we all know that Berlin is full of fascinating routes for exploring and exercising in equal measure. Get your walking shoes on and your thinking brain out; the time to learn is now.

What else is there to say? Everyone here at Berlin In Your Pocket is desperate to return to a world in which drinking a beer too many in Neukölln on the weekend (okay, okay, during the week) isn’t some sort of nostalgic event, but the safety of society comes first. Stay safe out there, and we’ll see you soon. Hopefully, anyway…

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