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Autumn is here, one of the most beautiful times of the year in one of the world’s most beautiful city. What do we have to get excited about in Berlin this October and November? All sorts of stuff, as you’d presume, from ahead of the curve exhibitions to envelope pushing live music via the usual mass of sightseeing, cafes, nightlife and the rest.

Oh, and the small matter of a major anniversary. 2019 marks 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the beginning of the end for communist East Germany, the visual end of the Cold War and the birth of modern day Germany. No small fry celebration, we’re sure you’ll agree. For 28 years (10,316 days, to be exact) Berlin was divided by ideology and more than 45,000 concrete blocks. On November 9, 1989, the divide ended.

Berlin has all sorts of events prepared for this momentous occasion. The history of one of the most important moments in living memory will be explored, investigated, replayed and reevaluated, with all the artistic bluster that this city is so very famous for. A whole week of celebrations will take place, but expect things to be extra special on that big night. 

The sporting season kicks into gear in Berlin too, with key matches across the many sports that drive the fans of the city so very crazy. Union currently sit above Hertha in the Bundesliga, albeit on goal difference, but will that be the case once winter arrives? Only time will tell. That’ll do for now, but as usual we’d love to hear your thoughts, be they through old fashioned email, modern day social media or emotionally-charged Berlin Wall influenced graffiti. Or maybe just the social media part of that. See you in winter! 

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