Basic Information for Tourists


What is the best time to visit Birmingham?

If you’re looking for that most stereotypical ‘British’ weather, Birmingham might just be your best bet. It’s never freezing, never boiling, always somewhere between 5 and 15 and drizzle is never far away. July and August are the ‘hottest’ months, with December and January representing the height of winter. The best time to visit? May. Don’t ask why, just May.

Is Birmingham Safe? 

A 2018 study claimed that Birmingham was the most unsafe city in the United Kingdom, although what this means is anybody’s guess. Those expecting Peaky Blinders-esque gang wars in the streets are going to be disappointed, although petty crime is a problem. This rarely impacts visitors to the city however, so keep your wits about you and you’ll be fine.


Heaven forbid they won’t be required, but Birmingham has three major hospitals in and around the city centre, along with a children’s hospital for young ones. 999 is the number to ring in an emergency.

Public Toilets

Honestly, the days of public toilets being a thing are coming to an end. There are a few public toilets in the centre of Birmingham but you need to pay for the privilege of relieving yourself in unhygienic surroundings. Better to grab a coffee and use a cafe toilet. Birmingham New Street does have some decent facilities.

Birmingham tap water quality

The West Midlands is considered to have the best tap water in the United Kingdom, so fill up that bottle and hydrate yourself silly.

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