Art Safari 2024

05 Apr 2024
Get your beret and those comfortable yet stylish walking shoes ready because Art Safari 2024 is here to charm the colors out of your life! Packed with some of the most significant and lesser-known treasures of Romanian art, this year's Art Safari is a smorgasbord of artistic legacies, cultural anecdotes, and downright jaw-dropping canvasses. For every travel-loving connoisseur, the appeal of immersing oneself in the rich storytelling of art from across the globe is a tantalizing prospect. But wait, isn't this year's exhibition claiming a special aura—a rendezvous with secrets and treasures that are not just waiting to be seen but experienced? Absolutely!

The Secret Museum - March 8 – May 26

The Legacy of Doctor Gheorghe Vintilă
Imagine being able to step into one of the most consequential art collections never before seen—the personal treasure of Doctor Vintilă, tucked away from the bustling crowds and partisan opinions. From the bountiful verve of Nicolae Grigorescu to the intricate simplicity of Iser, this exhibition is a testament to the discerning eye and fervent heart of one who deemed art the soul's daily bread. The masterpieces that once adorned The Secret Museum in Topalu now find refuge at Art Safari, offering a rare glance into the chronicle of dedication, taste, and a life enmeshed with creativeness.

Eustațiu Stoenescu - Portraitist of the Aristocracy - March 8 – July 28

Stoenescu, a name hitherto for some of us perhaps faltering on the fringes of historical amnesia, is resurrected through canvases that once captivated the regal and the influential. His artistic repertoire that encompassed Europe’s most notable visages—be it the somber mien of governance or the warm smiles of society's echelons—have now gathered at the heart of Art Safari. The atelier of Stoenescu is a canvas in itself, on which his life's opus unfolds, charting his scenic route from the shores of Craiova to the galleries of Europe's grand capitals.
Source: Art Safari

The History of Romania in 100 Portraits - March 8 – July 28

Faces that echo the sentiments of entire generations, etching the narrative of a prodigious nation’s trajectory! The National History Museum of Romania, custodian of these portraits cloaked in history, unfurls the grandeur of its silent narrators for the very first time. One hundred visages, a hundred sagas—true embodiments of a people's shared trials and triumphs render this exhibition an emotional atlas of Romanian sentimentality.

The valiant and the illustrious—a parade of Romania's persona resonates in halls that echo with resplendence and reverence. From the steely gaze of King Carol II to the dashing countenance of King Michael I; from the indomitable spirit of warriors like Nicolae Bălcescu to the flawless artistry of sporting champions Nadia Comăneci and Gheorghe Hagi; each portrait not only presents history, but embodies it.

The Pangratti Studios - March 8 – July 28

Silent idols of the brush found their haven amidst the crucible of artistry at the Pangratti Studios. A nectar to both the neophyte and the virtuoso—this exhibition exalts the spirit of those who mastered and molded post-war Romanian art. Through their creations, they scorned mediocrity and sought only distinction, and so do their artworks displayed at Art Safari.
Source: Art Safari

Alma Redlinger - March 8 – May 26

On the centenary of her birth, Alma Redlinger's oeuvre is showcased in all its grandeur—a mosaic of the creative process from inception to completion. The selection not only honors her individuality but also distinctiveness of thought embodied in every painstaking brushstroke. A glimpse into Redlinger's world isn't just a peek at the artist's life; it's a plunge into the undulating depths of creativity.
Each of these exhibitions is a portal—some leading into opulent palaces, others into the humble abodes that nurtured the artists' aspirations. Art Safari 2024 is more than a medley of masterworks; it's an odyssey through the cultural landscape of Romania, a voyage that promises to nudge the legacy-lover in you.
Source: Art Safari

With its melange of art, passion, and history seeping from each canvas, Art Safari 2024 invites every art lover to step beyond the ordinary. It's an exploration of the profound, a carnival of colors, and an affirmation of the enduring conversation that art is, and always will be. Book your tickets, clear your schedule, and get ready to be wowed because the vaults of Romanian art await, and the treasures are yours for the taking.


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