Florence has a humid subtropical climate. Like in most of Tuscany, summers here tend to run hot; add enormous quantities of happy go lucky tourists into the mix and you may begin to experience all the joys and discomforts of a summer festival. Ideal seasons to visit the city are the fall and spring; pack some extra clothes for those colder autumnal nights and you should be fine. Winters are much less crowded, but with good reason; the temperatures close to zero and occasional snow and sleet might detract from your sightseeing experience. However, if you hail from colder regions, Tuscan winters are comparatively mild, and if you are travelling to get friendly with the region’s rustic cuisine and robusts wines, this may very well be the season for you.

Crime & Safety

Florence is a safe city and the basic tourist rules apply. Avoid overly friendly strangers and keep your important personal belongings close to you at all times because pickpockets are common. If travelling with lots of cash, leave the bulk of it in the hotel. If you plan to experience local nightlife, avoid wandering around town alone, and avoid spending time around the train station, which has long been a hotbed for petty crime.

Hospitals & Pharmacies

There are seven public hospitals in Florence, five private hospitals and a large amount of pharmacies; make sure to check their opening hours, because most are closed on Sundays.

Public Toilets

There are 15 public restrooms spread out all over the city. They are generally quite clean, with a custodian on the outside and an entrance fee of €1.00. Watch out, they might get a little crowded if you're travelling during peak tourist season.


Florence offers a free daily wireless connection called Firenze WiFi that allows you to browse the web for up to 500 MB a day on each device. Should be enough to help you find the essentials.
Can you drink the tap water
Worry not, tap water in Italy is safe to drink, and if you happen to be traveling during the hotter months – or just happen to be very thirsty –, there are drinking fountains spread out all over the city.

Tourist Card

Firenzecard is a museum card that offers 72 hours of access to all of Florence’s historical museums and can be used to reserve access to the Uffizi and Accademia (you will need to reserve if you want to use the card to enter either) and fastrack entry to most of the other museums. It’s not cheap at 85 Euros, but it offers value to families with children under 18 (children within the nuclear family of the cardholder enter museums for free). Meanwhile, adults travelling without children, may be interested in an ARCI card. ARCI is a nationwide network of cultural associations that offers discounted event and drink prices for its members; and a great deal of events, especially clubs or concerts, require one. Don't worry, though, you can easily sign up at the entrance. A one-year membership costs €10 and is valid all over Italy.

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