Glasgow: Once the 'beautifullest' city in Britain*

Glasgow has made a remarkable recovery in recent decades and is once again a truly vibrant and beautiful city, worth visiting even if you cannot quite ignore 'the great British tragedy' of homelessness evident all around the city centre.

Very different from Edinburgh but in no way playing second fiddle, Glasgow is the home of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Tea Rooms which play an important role in the city's cultural heritage and present day attraction.

A popular University city choice for students from all over Europe with four major universities and many more colleges - as well as a popular host city for global congress meetings and major sporting events it would appear that the once great city has found it's sparkle again. You can enjoy great food from around the world, live music, theatre and other cultural events in the city as well as excellent museums (most with free admission), world class shopping and needless to say Glasgow is an excellent starting point for trips around Scotland.

* as described by Daniel Defoe, the 17th century English blogger, diarist and author of Robinson Crusoe

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