Wielkopolska / Greater Poland

Wielkopolska: Greater Poland for a Greater Experience!

Known domestically as the 'cradle of the Polish state', it should come as no surprise that the region of Wielkopolska (ENG: Greater Poland) is packed with historical attractions as well as the picturesque geography that is as beautiful as the nation's founders saw it a millennia ago. Typically, a visit to the region kicks off gorgeous historic city of Poznań, the regional capital, but it certainly doesn't stop there. Gniezno, Poland's first capital, is just 50km away and is unassuming in size, but certainly not in the content of local sightseeing! Further afield, like Kalisz and Leszno, are also worth a moment of your time, especially if you're looking to escape the rat-race of bigger Polish cities! Open-air museums at Ostrów Lednicki and the nearby Wielkopolska Ethnographic Park offer a glimpse into Poland as it was in centuries past, whilst Kłodawa Salt Mine offers visitors a uniquely subterranean experience! Greater Poland has been the home of a number of prominent aristocratic families and Polish royalty, thus you can find a number of palaces, estates and castles in equally-stunning locations like KórnikRogalin, and Gołuchów. Those looking to experience the natural wonders of the region need not look far: Greater Poland National Park and the Land of 100 Lakes are characterised by serene post-glacial lakes, surrounded by dense pine forests, that offer plenty of options to get active in the outdoors! Furthermore, young families visiting Greater Poland with kids have nothing to fear, as your choice sightseeing and outdoor activities are well-catered for small and curious minds as well! 

Best Sights in Greater Poland
Greater Poland with Kids!
Outdoor Activities in Greater Poland

The Piast Route | Discovering the first dynasty of Poland
The Great Waterway Loop of Wielkopolska

One of many ancient windmills that still stand in Greater Poland!
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