The ‘Capital of the Alps’ isn’t your ordinary run of the mill nickname. The Alps might just be the most beloved mountain range in Europe, and being known as its cultural centre can go one of two ways — you can either become Paris, or you can become Canberra (no offence to Canberra). Which way does Grenoble swing?

The digital love that covers the pages of this website will give you a hint as our view. Grenoble is a stunner of a city with masses to offer, something that would be true with or without the famous mountains that surround it. The museums in this city are second to none, engaging and educational in equal measure without skimping on the details or the creativity. There is a feeling of ‘this is how it should be’ when exploring the museums of Grenoble.

It is the Bastille that tops the bill when it comes to sightseeing in Grenoble, and we’re not about to argue the fact. The hilltop fortress offers views that will force every single piece of poetry out of your body, vistas the likes of which one can travel for years without finding. You can take a thousand photos, but not a single shot will do justice to what your eyes will show you. Stendhal had the right idea.

Stendhal didn’t use the cable car to get up to the Bastille though, so you can consider yourself more fortunate to visit than the city’s beloved writer. Known as Les Bulles (the Bubbles), the cable car is a magnificent feat of engineering that impresses as much in construction as it does aesthetically. Grenoble doesn’t do things by halves, least of all its famous cable car.

But it all comes back to the mountains. Grenoble is a great city in which to base oneself if you’re looking for a bit of varied skiing while in the region, with plenty of excellent resorts just a short drive away. Being known as the ‘Capital of the Alps’ brings a certain type of pressure, but Grenoble seems to take it in its stride.
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