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The bi­annual Tirana In Your Pocket is a good source of information.
Vilnius In Your Pocket is a model of the genre, packed with useful info, and well written.
Insightful, well researched information about everything you need to know when visiting the city.
Brutal honesty which leaves the reader convinced of the author's credibility.
Entertaining and honest (at times devastatingly so), the In Your Pocket city guides make their rivals seem tame by comparison. More than 100 European cities have been given the treatment, and all the key content from the print editions has been collated on this well­organised and userfriendly website. It also includes a series of YouTube vignettes.
In Your Pocket has a knack of cutting through the travel­writer verbiage.
In Your Pocket has a knack of cutting through the travel­writer verbiage.
Warsaw In Your Pocket is excellent, as was Krakow.
I used the accurate, locally­produced Belfast In Your Pocket app.
Get a copy of Warsaw In Your Pocket, a very informative free city guide.
From Albania to Ukraine In Your Pocket is a wonderful source of boutique hotels, spas and great little bars.
Very impressive … Practical things, such as getting around, are covered in great detail and look bang up to date. Reviews of places to eat and drink are plentiful and knowledgeable, and there are informative reads on a variety of subjects.
Brilliant for winkling out weird, esoteric or just plain wonderful places in European cities, especially eastern.
As with many European cities, In Your Pocket has a helpful guide to St. Petersburg.
The biannual Tirana In Your Pocket is a good source of information
Tirana In Your Pocket lists what's going on and can be downloaded free or bought at bookshops, hotels and some of the larger kiosks for 400 lekë.
Pristina In Your Pocket ( is a downloadable guide; it's also available at Libraria Dukagjini.
For instant city guides, check out Its 50 European city guides are regularly updated and available, for free, on the web or as PDF downloads.
All the guides are written by English speakers who live in the cities they write about. They provide solid, reliable information on everything from where to book a reasonable B&B to how best to spend 72 hours in a city.
These [In Your Pocket] guides are very well written and I was quite impressed.
After arriving, buy Bucharest In Your Pocket (8 Lei or €2.50, for sale in bookshops and hotels). It's a handy, compact format guide with, besides all tourist information, addresses of bars, clubs and restaurants. The guide is published every two months, and is therefore always up to date.
Most of the traditional guidebook companies now have decent websites, with plenty of advice and information either freely available or downloadable for a fee, but is also well worth a browse. Concentrating on both well­known and more offbeat European destinations, its free downloadable city and country guides are compiled by locals and regularly updated.
A useful aid for planning in advance as well as on site is the In Your Pocket city guide series, which appear in over fifty cities in Europe. The guides costs about one euro, are free in some hotels and is downloadable as a free PDF document. In most cities a new edition is published every two months.
For further information on what to do in Riga, the free (Riga) In Your Pocket Guide is excellent; pick one up at the airport. See
“Belfast has gained yet another prestigious travel accolade. The publisher of “In Your Pocket Essential City Guides” has included Belfast in its top ten destinations for 2009. (IYP) is one of the web's best travel resources.
A good overview of Moscow's attractions is the In Your Pocket guide to the city, downloadable from
In Your Pocket guides are a godsend. They are impressively up to date and clearly written by people who live in the city. Invaluable.
The secret of the In Your Pocket guides is that, unlike many expensive travel guides, they are written by native English speakers living in the city they are writing about. That can lend itself to frank, matter­of­fact advice about your destination rather than jaded impressions from world­weary professional travel writers.
In Your Pocket: a cheeky, well­written series of guidebooks.
Upenieks and Zaprauskis were worried that each negative experience means that at least 20 tourists won’t return to Riga. To avoid this, the two businessmen warned the readers of their guide, Riga In Your Pocket, to avoid Groks. a Riga pub. Diena confirmed this by reading the guide, which has a print­run of 15,000 and which is read by many of Riga’s visitors… It advises readers to “Avoid this place [Groks] like the plague."
Death of the guide book? Pah! They’re just diversifying. Print off your own PDFs…
On the internet, has good reviews of [Warsaw’s] hotels, bars and restaurants.
The official [Warsaw] website is pretty scant, as is the national site at, so I'd recommend looking at, which has very good reviews of hotels, bars and restaurants.
If you haven't come across In Your Pocket (IYP) before, bookmark them now. IYP's print guides can be found scattered around the hostels of eastern Europe, and their online coverage of 57 eastern European towns and cities (and, somewhat randomly, Belfast and Dublin too) is a brilliant resource written by excellent writers whose slant is always off the trail.
Print out a travel guide from, where you can also choose and book a hotel for a couple of nights.
In Your Pocket are the best guides to Eastern Europe. These cover some obscure cities – Zadar, Shkodra, Kashubia, Druskininkai, anyone? – and are updated regularly. Although available locally for a couple of pounds as a booklet, many can be downloaded free. Somewhat oddly, Belfast and the Isle of Man are also covered.
No need to fish in your pocket when downloading these guides to Eastern Europe – they’re free (
With so many central and eastern European cities now within easy range of a low­cost airline flight, this website is a (literally) priceless first stop before your holiday. The guides are free to download and print off as pdfs and have information on where to eat and stay and what to see on European city breaks, including more obscure destinations like Tirana in Albania and Minsk in Belarus.
The city guide Bucharest In Your Pocket is an indispensable resource.
For restaurant and bar listings in the capital, try Bucharest In Your Pocket
Bucharest In Your Pocket has plenty of information on the capital’s nightlife scene.
In Your Pocket ( Monthly listings booklet with up­to­date information and short features.
Tops for Central and Eastern Europe. Back in 1991 during a long night of drinking, four guys living in Vilnius came up with the idea to create an online city guide for the Lithuanian capital, which at the time had no telephone directory. The result? This online collection of locally written, frank, lively and informative guides to more than 50 cities across the region, from Derry to Tartu. For most cities, content runs deep: there are more than 30 restaurants and 11 clubs listed under Brasov, for example. Plus, news, maps and blogs. You can even tune into a local radio station. Browse around the site for interesting finds, such as a Prague hotel that was formerly a theater and still retains original features, including a full size stage and balcony boxes.
Your best bet is to get a copy of the acerbically entertaining Bucharest In Your Pocket.
Weitere Informationen zu Städte­, Rund­ und Flussreisen auf Online­Reise­ und ­Restaurantführer auf Englisch:
Download a city guide at
Bucharest In Your Pocket is the city’s best guide.
Travelers' Web sites, many run by and geared toward Europeans, sometimes review hotels not on the American radar. Try, for travel in Eastern Europe.
A good all­around information site is
For more bars and clubs, pick up a free copy of St Petersburg In Your Pocket, or see ­ which specialises in Central and Eastern Europe ­ is, I think, the only travel guide publisher to place its entire content online, for free. With so many of's cities now on the radar of the budget airlines, the value of this site is priceless.
In Your Pocket guides are not simply translated from German: each guide is written by an English language writer. Until now these pocket sized guides were available in Germany only in Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich. New editions however will be published in all World Cup cities with information on local festivities, and an insert about the teams and stadiums. All information is also available on the publisher’s website.
‘We are the last secret in Europe,’ says Gazi Haxhia to me as we sip strong espressos at a Tirana pavement café under the warm sun of a late March morning. Haxhia is general manager of the Tirana edition of the excellent In Your Pocket guidebook series, and the secret he is talking about is Albania. Tirana In Your Pocket is available for €3 locally, or download highlights from
You can download the Tirana In Your Pocket guide from
In Your Pocket ( ­ this publishing firm gives information on Albania and Croatia and published frequently updated pocket guides to Zagreb, Zadar and Tirana.
Tirana In Your Pocket ( tells you what's hot, and is available at bookshops and some of the larger kiosks for 400lek.
The In Your Pocket series covers the main cities of all three Baltic countries, is updated every two months and can be picked up locally for about £1.50. There is also lots of information on its website:
For up to date listings Tallinn In Your Pocket is a great resource.
For more information about the city see Krakow In Your Pocket (
Riga's nightclubs open and close at the drop of a hat, so check the Riga In Your Pocketguide for latest listings.
Belfast In Your Pocket ( “A Belfast city guide, but unlike many guides (online and print) this has a well established local journalist as the chief contributor. So it's up to date and reliable.
The best and most up to date reference for cafes, pubs and clubs is Warsaw In Your Pocket, an excellent magazine written by a savvy young writing team.
Prestige travel book compilers pick Belfast for first UK guide Belfast has become the first city in the UK and Ireland to join a list of top European destinations covered by a group of impressive travel guide books.
The growing influx of Western tourists has resulted in a large number of English language publications in the city. Most useful of these is Warsaw In Your Pocket.
For more information on Bucharest see the website is quite simply the best place to prepare for your trip behind the former Iron Curtain.
Belfast's unlikely emergence as a tourist destination has been underlined with the launch this month of an independent bi­monthly guide to the city. Belfast In Your Pocket is the latest sign that the city is emerging from decades of conflict and is seen as a fun place to spend a weekend break or even longer. "It's safe, it's vibrant and it's very interesting," said Heidi McAlpin, the guide's managing editor.
A new guide to Belfast has cited its gay nightlife and Troubles­based tourism as its two main tourist highlights. Belfast In Your Pocket advises tourists in search of “recent political history of this divided city” to take a famous black taxi mural tour of West Belfast.
To find out what’s going on, where, try the monthly guide St. Petersburg In Your Pocket. was the first online travel guide to come up with the idea of offering free downloadable city guides in printable (PDF) format.
The In Your Pocket series of guide booklets have turned out to be highly useful in avoiding tourist traps and other travel hazards. The bimonthly, English­language series of small guides are a mix of Lonely Planet and Time Out, and have become a European publishing phenomenon.
For further information on Riga and Tallinn take a look at
For an up­to­date events schedule try Riga In Your Pocket, available at kiosks and bookshops around town.
Of the many local city guides available, Riga In Your Pocket is the best choice, offering independent restaurant, nightlife and museum reviews as well as practical information, maps and an entertainment schedule.
The best source of information for Riga is where you can find up­to­date restaurant, nightlife and museum reviews and book accommodation online.
Before heading down to Klaipeda and Nida, check the In Your Pocket guides at
Many travellers now take advantage of the deluge of cheap flights to Eastern Europe, but there's no point finding a great deal on your air fare and accommodation and then spending a lot of money on a guidebook. Go to and download over 25 city and over a dozen country guides to destinations from Berlin to Zagreb, Albania to the Ukraine. The writers/compilers live locally and the guides are frequently updated.
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