Kassel In Your Pocket

Located in the very heart of Germany, this famous old city is operating somewhat under the radar, a charming town that doesn’t get the attention of more famous contemporaries but is ready to steal the heart of any travellers who head this way. The most underrated city in Germany? Kassel could well be your new favourite destination.

The Herkules Monument has stood in its scenic position for over 300 years, and why would he move when such majesty is laid out in front of him? We’re talking about those marvellous water features of course, an exceptional cascade that runs from the feet of the monument to a ground level fountain. The monument and cascade are found in Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, arguably Kassel’s crowning glory.

It can get forgotten in the face of Kassel’s modern charm but it is quite miraculous that there is a city to love at all. The town was obliterated by the Allies during World War II, and the Fulda Gap was considered the ‘hottest spot of the Cold War’. Kassel might now lie in the heart of Germany, but that position once made it a heart in peril.

Throw in plenty of great restaurants, an ever-growing cafe scene and one of the best nights out in Germany and you’ve got a destination worth paying attention to. All this without mentioning the world-famous documenta festival, now immortalised with a fantastic permanent exhibition. Get in touch with us via email, social media or any other means for more information, and we’ll see you in the summer.
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