ANTIPODES. Confronting the discourse of power.

Open 09:00-19:00.       ul. Oswobodzenia 1 (Nikiszowiec)

A timely and important multimedia exhibition, bringing together 15 artists, whose work reflects on the degeneration of power structures in today's society and the effect this has on both individual and collective freedoms, as well as topics such as women's rights, animal rights, climate change, just and unjust wars, and immigration.
With such a weighty subject matter, it's very apropos that the show's motto is a quote from noted French philosopher Michel Foucault, namely: 'We are subjected to the production of truth by power, and we can exercise power only through the production of truth (...). Power never ceases its intervention, its inquisition, its registration of truth. It institutionalizes, professionalizes, and rewards its searches.'

In addition to the various paintings, graphic, videos and other installations in the gallery, the exhibition will also feature street installations, which were created as part of recent BLM and ‘free courts’ protests. Throughout the run, there'll also be screenings of a film by Ukrainian artist Pavlo Kazmin, discussing his perception of freedom and, more specifically, creative freedom.



Open 09:00-19:00. Apr 26 2024 - Jul 31 2024
Wilson Shaft Gallery
ul. Oswobodzenia 1 (Nikiszowiec)
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