Katowice In Your Pocket


A sneaky glimpse under the cultural carpet reveals a host of cultural events in the UNESCO city of music, among other delightful surprises, Poland's largest cathedral, one of the best museums in southern PL, a vast park filled with truly magnificent things to see and do, a bar scene to shame many of the country's so-called cutting-edge cities, a super modern culture zone with a concrete building that looks like a spaceship and plays music from Close Encounters of the Third Kind at its centre. Marvellous.

But hold on a second, what about this whole Silesian Metropolis thing? Good question. Silesia (or Śląsk in Polish) is generally considered to be the region surrounding Katowice which has certain definite geographic boundaries (sorry Sosnowiec) in some parts, while seeming endlessly expansive in other parts. The somewhat nebulous 'Silesia' is not to be confused with the very concrete municipal province of Upper Silesia (Górny Śląsk) of which Katowice is the regional capital.

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