Arriving in Kaunas


Despite Kaunas’ position in the centre of the country and its former role as the capital city, facilities awaiting fresh arrivals are almost entirely geared towards the local community, although modern, helpful and efficient services are growing. Much improved airport facilities have helped enormously, although for everybody else arriving in Kaunas can be hard work.

By bus
Close to the centre of the city, Kaunas’ bus station is a modern affair staffed by increasingly helpful employees. Inside are shops, ATMs, a supermarket and a handy Narvesen kiosk where it’s possible to buy and charge up a Kauno Miesto Kortelė for using public transport. Old Town can be reached on foot in around 20 minutes, or if you’re feeling brave buses and trolleybuses heading to the centre stop outside the main entrance. Taxis can be found parked round the back.

By plane
The small airport at Karmėlava is about 12km north of Kaunas. Once formalities are out the way, find several information kiosks to help you find your way into the city and ATMs for cash. Bus Nº29 stops outside to the left. Give the driver €1 and you’ll be in the centre in less than 30 minutes. Taxis can be found parked outside the arrivals hall. Try to negotiate a fare before setting off, and expect to pay around €15 for a trip to the city centre.

By train
Trains arrive in Kaunas from Białystok, Kaliningrad, Minsk and a handful of other destinations. The imposing Socialist Realist building was completed in 1953, the year Stalin died, and is worth a quick look around. Getting into town is far from easy, but if you’ve chosen to travel by train in Lithuania you’ve already decided that you like adventures. Find taxis parked to the right of the main exit when you leave.

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