Age-old rivalry between Vilnius, the current capital, and Kaunas, capital of Lithuania in the 1920s and 1930s, still persists – bohemian, multicultural, pastel-coloured Vilnius versus conservative, grey, formalist Kaunas. But that’s a dated stereotype, of course, and nowhere is that more obvious today than in Kaunas’ diversifying nightlife.
The city’s fun nightspots embrace all kinds of tastes and budgets, from thumping high-energy techno nightclubs where locals show off their bodies and dance moves, to unique and individual bars playing leftfield sounds pre-mixed by thoughtful introspectives.

And everything in between. But rather than be pigeonholed, most places defy categorisation and in their efforts to survive do their best to be all things to all people. Which means that there are few wine bars, for example, compared to what you’d find in Vilnius. A wine bar is also a cocktail bar is also a restaurant, etc. In any case, we have tried to differentiate them somehow, and the best are listed here.

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