Welcome to Łódź


Here's your first lesson in Polish: Łódź may look like it’s pronounced ‘Lodz,’ but it most certainly isn’t. You are now in ‘Woodge,’ and only three hundred years ago the hip bar or cafe you find yourself sitting in today would probably have been a wooden hut with a leak in the roof. In terms of age Łódź is one of the youngest cities in Poland, and a direct product of the Industrial Revolution. The birth of the textile industry saw Łódź dubbed ‘The Promised Land,’ with thousands flocking from central Europe, England and even Switzerland to make their fortunes. Unfortunately, WWII saw the high times come to an end and the city’s rich ethnic balance destroyed with the extermination of the Jewish population and the post-war exile of the city's ethnic German population.

Today, however, Łódź remains an important cog in the Polish wheel.

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